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Honor Labor

A message to the 1,700 educators I represent in the San Jose Unified School District, and to my sisters and brothers everywhere.   Monday is Labor Day and, for many …
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A Case of the Somedays

Dear SJTA, I have a case of the somedays. Someday, public education will be funded at the level that our students and teachers deserve, and not at a level less …
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Welcome Back

Today’s blog comes from a speech I made on August 8th at the 2013-2014 opening meeting for all San Jose Unified employees. I was fortunate to have the chance, along …
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The Fair, The Balanced & The LA Times

In a recent article on education, the Los Angeles Times has sought to reduce one of the most complex and important issues facing public education to an oversimplified theme: California, …
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Unparalleled Heroism

A few months ago, I engaged in a rather vigorous discussion in which a member of my family told me that, “Unions are the problem.” I am not sure which …
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