Mission and Vision


SJTA empowers teachers to educate, inspire, and change lives through public education.


SJTA represents professional educators who lead the way through their commitment to public education. All members of the association are valued, respected, and compensated for their educational expertise and their efforts on behalf of students. SJTA is active at the local, state, and national levels, with its participation in all phases of the decision-making process positively influencing every aspect of public education. SJTA’s members are the vanguard in providing all students with an unrivaled, twenty-first century education.

Fulfilling our mission and realizing our vision necessitates the following:

  • All Members take pride in their roles as professional educators while supporting their colleagues
    and public education.
  • Site Representatives work at the site and representative council levels to enhance working
    conditions for all members of the association.
  • The Executive Board works in conjunction with members and site representatives to influence policy
    on behalf of the association.
  • All Stakeholders work in a spirit of partnership to ensure that every student receives the finest
    educational opportunities and experiences.