SJTA exists because of and for its over 1,700 members. Membership is open to any employee of the San José Unified School District engaged in professional educational work and whose primary assignment is such that she/he does not hold supervisory responsibility over other certificated employees.

Representative Council

SJTA’s policy making body is the Representative Council. This body, comprised of members of the Association, derives its powers from and is responsible to the membership. Over 100 elected faculty representatives from throughout the district meet each month to: consider problems and issues; establish policies and objectives; approve the establishment or discontinuance of committees; approve and amend the annual budget; approve dues; and act on behalf of the Executive Board when necessary.

Executive Board

SJTA’s Executive Board implements the policies of the Representative Council and serves as the business agent of the Association. The Executive Board’s four officers and six directors, all of whom are members of the Association, meet monthly to: coordinate SJTA’s activities; recommend an annual budget; approve all appointments to committees, task forces, and working groups, including chairpersons; direct grievance activities; exercise all business and organizational powers and duties; and provide for the dissemination of information regarding bargaining.