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A Case of the Somedays

SJTA Election 2014 banner

Dear SJTA,

I have a case of the somedays.

Someday, public education will be funded at the level that our students and teachers deserve, and not at a level less than 95% of the rest of the nation.

Until then, we must walk. We must tell people our stories and ask for their support.

Someday, in this country, we will be respected because we are professional educators. We will share leadership for the success of our communities because our opinions and experience will be valued again.

Until then, we walk.

Someday, all people who use public money to educate our children will be held to the same level of transparency and accountability for educating and supporting those children.

Until then, we walk.

Someday, election to the sacred trust of public office will be based on the work you have done and the vision that you have, and not who you know and how much money you can raise.

Until then, we walk.

Someday, the salaries and benefits of public employees will not be subject to the whim of people who have no experience with the priorities of working families and no appreciation of the contributions we continue to make to this country.

Until then, we walk.

I’ve heard people say lately, in different ways, that they “don’t do politics”. What I want these members to understand is that public education is a political enterprise.

You may think your voice doesn’t matter. Your voice is the only thing that matters. If people in power don’t hear it, they will interpret your silence in whatever way they see fit.

It’s not fair that we have to fight, constantly, for our kids, for our jobs, for our values. Public education shouldn’t continually require this level of sacrifice. However, until someday becomes today, we must walk.

So, let’s get out there. It’s not hard, and we’re not asking for much. Volunteer for a 3-hour shift to make sure that that the voice of public educators is heard and honored.

That’s it.

SJTA is asking everyone who shares our values and our vision to continue to transform public education to donate 3 hours to the worthy cause of ensuring that the work of public education is left to public educators. We are thousands strong and three hours from each of us will make all the difference.

Failure to participate will make all the difference, too.

Two feet. Three hours. One job.

For all of us.

See your site rep, Executive Board member or, even easier, click here: www.bit.ly/sjtaelection2014

Looking forward to seeing you.

– Jen

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